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Our focus is to always think ahead, to create visionary precision engineering solutions with professionalism and integrity, by integrating technology and process; to strive to always deliver better to our customers the world over and to make life easier, safer and more environmentally friendly

And, further, to do so without compromising Quality, Ethics and Social Responsibilities so that we grow as a Group and as Individuals.

India gave the world Zero. And at the Maini Group, Zero is the inspiration, a circle with a world of meaning. Valueless on its own, it multiplies any number to dizzying heights, the way you place it – a cosmic order of things eternally in motion yet ever unchanging.

Zero is not about nothingness – it is about infinity – a circle without a circumference. It’s about perfection beyond standards – and achieving zero is reaching beyond the highest goal.


We believe in zero differentiation, zero conflict, zero greed and zero ego.

We aim to deliver zero defect products with zero time delay, zero excuses and zero complaints.

We achieve this through zero wastage, zero compromise and zero inefficiency. We strive for zero pollution. And

ZERO is our inspiration!


Oneness is much more than an emotion. It’s the force that propels us forward and upward together. Through the corridors of every one of our companies flows a common binding thought process: to work together yet allowing the growth of each individual.


Our logo is a graphic synergy of two ideals:
the zero philosophy that inspires us and
the power of oneness that drives us.
Its shape encircles the power within
and symbolizes perfection.
The different strands coming together
signify our unity as individuals working and
growing together as one,
and the different qualities that blend
into the Maini DNA.
Its contours, deriving from the Devnagiri script
refer to our Indianness and also to our global spirit,
our universality that springs from the birthplace of the zero.

Each of our companies is a leader in its field and an innovator with an eye to the Group’s future.

In the spirit of its DNA, each company builds relationships, harnesses partnerships, integrates expertise and innovates continuously to ensure delight for all its stakeholders and so, equip itself for a future beyond boundaries.

Dr SK Maini founded the Group on a personal conviction to make a difference to Indian industry, how it saw itself and how the world saw it. He began with one company and just ten people in 1973 to meet a need identified, with a core competency: high precision engineering.

From this has grown a multi-unit Group, these six companies that deploy design, precision engineering, manufacturing and marketing built up through decades of experience, expertise and commitment to drive a Complete Customer Care concept that has made global leaders our preferred strategic partners:

Maini Precision Products Pvt. Ltd.
Armes Maini Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Maini Materials Movement Pvt. Ltd.

Each company’s core competencies are a synthesis of the Groups’ legacy strengths and capabilities, applying imagination, innovation, research, resource and process with a profound understanding of emerging industry demands