Maini Materials Movement Pvt. Ltd. (MMM) started in 1986 and established itself as a leader in the budding logistics and mobility industry, being the first in India to manufacture electrically-operated material handling equipment.

A pioneer, too, in neighborhood conveyance, in 1999, MMM began the design and manufacture of vehicles for people transportation in enclosed campuses. This was an initiative that accessed new segments leading to the development of among others,
the 14-seater Feri.

Equally important, MMM ushered in the concept of Complete Customer Care that became an integral part of everything we do. This is a process of understanding and collaboration and has to do with context, tasks, goals and continuity.


The product range includes pallet trucks (manual as well as electric), stackers, tow tractors, tugs and platform trucks. In neighbourhood conveyance are Feri multi-utility vehicles and load carriers. All these have been developed in-house.


MMM’s achievements have been acknowledged by the Dept of Scientific and Industrial Research and its world-class manufacturing capabilities and sales and service network are reinforced by its technical collaborations, continuously updated with successive global partners.

These infrastructural advantages have made it a mainstay in the Indian market and customers comprise about 80% of corporate India. Exports, of pallet trucks to Europe, began in 1997, and since 2005, have included the Feri.